Workshop and Commissions

With over 80 years experience our team of Goldsmiths are highly skilled in all aspects of jewellery repair. From ring resizing, chain soldering, remounting an engagement ring, turning a ring into a pendant, refinishing worn jewellery, or setting your own stones into a new design, the possibilities are endless. No job is ever too big or too small.
M&M Montage

One of the nicest things about your jewellery is that it is totally recyclable. Just because it’s now out of fashion, or you’ve “gone off it” doesn’t mean you have to leave it in a drawer never to be worn again.
At Martin & Martin, we can take just about anything that you have – be it a gold bracelet, a diamond ring or some other piece of jewellery, and bring it back to life by turning it into a new fashionable piece of jewellery that you can love all over again!